About Us

Attain self-assurance through a step-by-step expedition into discovering one's true potential at Nruthyam.We have a legion of competitive streams to suit every level of an artist.We pursue eminence in dance and music artistry through our elegant expressions for better communication with the community.

Our approach to learning is to encourage and inspire our students to bring their best effort.In return, they are given the care, direction, and attention they each deserve, along with the skilled instruction they need to grow and succeed. We aim to develop our students and their skills in a positive environment so that they may fully experience the joy and enrichment that comes from their own skills

Accomplish whatever you want to in a lesser period of time than expected.

Everything you've of ever dream of in the field of arts will be fulfilled with our help which can assure you to stand to the reason of your question of Why Nruthyam?

Nruthyam gratifies itself on quality dance & music technique, age-appropriate music and other arts where students learn how to achieve excellence through perseverence, determination and the mastery of technique.We understand you have an option between several different dance and music studios.

  • Well trained instructors

    Our staff educate you ideally in fitness,yoga, gymnastics, karate and also other genre of arts.They encourage students of all ages and stages into our postive and gentle learning environment and are also highly experienced in catering to your needs.

  • Well equipped studio

    Our studio is organized in a way to offer a comprehensive curriculum in dance and music.It is best suited for those who're looking for a valuable learning experience rather than activity to keep busy.

  • Affordable prices

    Experience the triumph through our distinctive assortment of classes at affordable prices.

Instead of watching us praising ourselves why don't you travel with us to know what we really do because later you'll have no chance to even change your mind or dropping your passion.

We recognize ourselves to be more than teachers – we are role models, and we are grateful to be a positive role model for you and you children.

  • Priority to Performance

    We encourage a love and passion for both the technical, the performance and also the creative outlook in arts.

  • Expert Advice

    Through our expertise, we are able to encourage and support students who are looking to take their wonderful skills to a professional level.

  • Focus on passion

    Even if you stumble we help you make it a part of your performance.We help you practice everything in a way like you've never won and help you perform like a star.For the people who have dance/breathe music in their every breath this could be heaven.this is not our techique we are just making a strong effort in fulfilling your passion.We make use of every opportunity to bring out the best in you.

Our Team


Dance Instructor

  • Freestyle
  • Experience: 5+ years


Music Instructor

  • Mixed Music Instrument
  • Experience: 5+ years

Mahesh Babu.

Dance Choreographer

  • Western & Bollywood
  • Experience: 4+ years


Dance Instructor

  • Bollywood, Western
  • Experience: 3+ years


Karate Instructor

  • Black Belt
  • Experience: 5+ years



  • Arts & Craft
  • Experience: 5+ years


Dance Instructor

  • Bharathanathyam
  • Experience: 3+ years


Dance Instructor

  • Western & Freestyle
  • Experience: 3+ years


Dance Instructor

  • Western & Freestyle
  • Experience: 1 years


Music Instructor

  • Guitar
  • Experience: 4+ years


Dance Instructor

  • Hip Hop
  • Experience: 2 years

We have the best Equipments, Coachers and the Best Training Programs

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